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HLT57415 – Diploma in Audiometry

HLT57415 – Diploma in Audiometry


This qualification reflects the role of audiometrists who conduct hearing assessments to identify hearing impairment and take appropriate action based on the test results. They may refer clients for further audiological or medical assessment, and be involved in care management and education programs. At this level, audiometrists also prescribe and dispense hearing aids and/or other non-implantable devices to assist in hearing rehabilitation. Audiometrists may work in medical, industrial, or retail contexts as independent practitioners.


NB: No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.

The course comprises 19 units.

Below is the list of units being offered by AuCA, as defined by the training package.

Contribute to effective workplace relationships (selected elective)
Organise workplace information (selected elective)
Lead effective workplace relationships (selected elective)
Promote products and services (selected elective)
Develop work priorities (selected elective)
Establish and manage client relationships
Work with diverse people
Share health information
Work legally and ethically
Confirm physical health status
Provide first aid
Assess hearing
Assess and respond to occupational noise risk (selected elective)
Develop and implement individual hearing rehabilitation programs
Dispense hearing devices
Remove cerumen (selected elective)
Apply basic principles and practices of infection prevention and control
Maintain work health and safety
Deliver and monitor a service to customers (selected elective)

Course Delivery

This flexible course is delivered via online delivery, and via practical workshops in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne.

The course is available and open for enrolment throughout the year. Participants will be placed in the below suggested cohorts based on their enrolment date.

Cohort 1: enrolment between July and January

Cohort 2: enrolment between February and June.


Practical workshops

Each participant is required to attend 5 separate practical workshops, 3 x 2 day workshops online, 1 x 3 days workshop face-to-face and a final 4 day practical assessment face-to-face, throughout their course, timetabled based on their cohort. The workshop dates and locations are set to ensure the participants are able to fully develop the required skills and knowledge prior to being assessed. AuCA allows students to transfer into different cohorts to suit their individual needs.



Course duration is flexible and can be structured for 12 to 18 month programs part-time.

Learners may complete the program earlier than these timelines through achievement of recognition of prior learning (RPL) or credit transfer.



There will be a variety of assessment tools used to assess learners, which include:

  • online quizzes and written assessments

  • observation and demonstration

  • verbal / written tests

  • workplace logbook

  • project / case study

Learners are given a detailed timetable that matches their program.

Admission Requirements

The candidate must:

  • have access to work experience in an audiometry or audiology practice in Australia to complete various work based tasks

  • have the support of workplace supervisors

  • have the appropriate technology and skills for online delivery

  • complete the LLN assessment at a ACSF (Australian Core Skills Framework) level 3

  • provide a Unique Student Identifier (USI)

  • be over 15 years old and not school based


Support Services

If the LLN identifies any individual need, resource requirements and the unit delivery can be adjusted to support the learner. AuCA monitors the progress of all learners and their readiness for assessment as they progress through their course.


Fee Information

Non-subsidised course fee is $6900. The course fee may be reduced depending on potential government subsidies.

Fees are payable in instalments. Instalments will be 5 equal payments up to $1380 payable every 6 weeks post enrolment. Alternate payment plans can be negotiated.

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